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Construction Litigation

Lien on us to keep your project on track.

You wouldn’t buy a house without a contract, so why build a house without one?

Pettit and Company can assist you with construction contracts for every size of build or renovation.

And time is money when it comes to building.  If a dispute or litigation has arisen surrounding a construction project, Pettit and Company can help at any stage of the process endeavouring to find you a quick and expeditious remedy to your issue.

Builders Liens

If you are dealing with a builder’s lien, or are considering filing a builder’s lien, Pettit and Company can assist you through this process.

Click here to read about Deadlines for Filing Claims of Lien.

As a firm, we work collaboratively in order to provide our clients with that which they deserve – superior legal services at reasonable rates.  At Pettit and Company, we are committed to legal excellence -- you pay for our experience and expertise, not our real estate.

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