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Obtaining excellence through preparedness.

Pettit and Company was founded on insurance defence representing insurance companies and insured defendants working hard to defend against unreasonable lawsuits and claims.

Many of our clients are average, hard-working people who are subjected to aggressive lawsuits.  We have the trial experience and litigation resources to mount a strong, thorough and unrelenting defence on behalf of our clients.  At Pettit and Company, we firmly believe that in order to achieve a fair settlement, one must be fully prepared for trial.  We prepare for trial with an unprecedented level of detail and care and, by doing so, we obtain excellent settlements for our insurance defence clients.

Our lawyers are each highly skilled in their respective areas of practice and can meet to discuss your legal matter with you at either of our office in North Vancouver or Squamish, or via telephone or video conferencing.

As a firm, we work collaboratively in order to provide our clients with that which they deserve – superior legal services at reasonable rates.  At Pettit and Company, we are committed to legal excellence -- you pay for our experience and expertise, not our real estate.

Call or email us today to set up an initial consultation with one of our lawyers to assist you with your insurance defence matter.

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