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Family Law

Providing clarity in a complex legal landscape.

Pettit and Company boasts some of the most senior and skilled family law lawyers in British Columbia.

Familial breakdown is an incredibly stressful journey and Pettit and Company is able to leverage the experience of its highly skilled family law team to help you through this challenging life event.  Click here to read more on why having a good lawyer is vital during divorce proceedings.

With decades of experience behind us, we can advise and assist with matters regarding:

- Child support

- Parenting arrangements including relocation matters

- Spousal support

- Division of Assets and debts including complex high-net worth matters

- Jurisdictional issues

- International matters including Hauge convention issues

Settlement out-of-court is always an optimal solution; however, if we are unable to achieve a negotiated separation agreement, Pettit and Company family lawyers can skillfully advocate on your behalf throughout the court processes with a goal of obtaining a fair and final resolution in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Cohabitation and marriage agreements

For those about to enter into a legal or common law marriage, we can negotiate a cohabitation or marriage agreement (commonly known as a “pre-nup”) that is tailored to you and your relationship, protecting your interests and clarifying the expectations of both parties.

Simple divorce proceedings

If a settlement has been achieved out of Court and all you require is a divorce, we can assist you the preparation of the necessary court document to obtain what is called a “desk order divorce”.

As a firm, we work collaboratively in order to provide our clients with that which they deserve – superior legal services at reasonable rates.  At Pettit and Company, we are committed to legal excellence -- you pay for our experience and expertise, not our real estate.

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