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For the common good.

Pettit and Company Acts for Strata Corporations.

On behalf of strata corporations, we sue developers and their affiliates and subtrades for shoddy construction. We have the courtroom skill and litigation resources necessary to help strata corporations of all sizes take on even the largest and most well-represented developers.

We also help strata corporations in disputes with developers over who owns and controls common property. Typically this occurs where a developer seeks to hold back to itself or its affiliates the control and profit of portions of the common property, often parking stalls.  Developers do this through any number of one-sided arrangements which seek to give the developers the profit of the parking stalls while imposing on the strata corporation the cost of maintaining the parking stalls generally.  We help strata corporations break free of such one-sided encroachments to their common property.

We also help strata corporations deal with short term rental companies who seek to turn strata units into de facto hotel suites.  We help strata corporations free themselves of the trouble and difficulties that occur when short term rental companies target strata corporations in this fashion.

Finally, Pettit and Company assists strata corporations in day to day claims and litigation: enforcement of bylaws and fines against defaulting owners and tenants, disputes with service providers and subtrades, etc.

We never act for developers.

Pettit and Company fights hard for strata corporations in an otherwise unequal struggle with developers. Located on the North Shore and Squamish, you can contact our team for an initial meeting and consultation.

As a firm, we work collaboratively in order to provide our clients with that which they deserve – superior legal services at reasonable rates.  At Pettit and Company, we are committed to legal excellence -- you pay for our experience and expertise, not our real estate.

Call or email us today to set up an initial consultation with one of our lawyers to assist you with your strata Litigation matter.

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