I Had a very good experience with this Law Firm.

Tim Pettit was calm and compassionate while offering experience and guidance during a challenging time. He knew of the best experts to call on navigating a world that I was unfamiliar with. Through every step I had someone competent and respected in my corner. I was very pleased with how my case was resolved. I would recommend Tim to any friend if they needed a lawyer. Thank you Tim for the support you gave me and for the results your wisdom attained.
- Terra Demiris, September 2017.

VANESSA MARSHALL WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND... mediation and was able to put my mind to ease after 3 1/2 years of stress! The firm was great to deal with and everyone was always quick to respond to telephone calls or any emails that needed a response.
- Yasif Alif, September 2018. 
amanda has become a valuable asset to the owners of our strata.

Marina Pointe or (LMS2995) is one of the largest Strata corporations in the City of Vancouver. We often need a legal consultation on items like bylaws amendments, AirB/B challenges, etc.  Amanda has become a valuable asset to the owners of our Strata. She is always available to give timely advice and recommendations to issues that require a legal action or opinion.  Most significantly Amanda defended us in a four day trial in a water damage case, where an owner was suing the Strata Corporation for negligence.  Being sued by an owner has to be taken seriously.The outcome of these cases can often set precedence in the future for all Stratas. Thanks to Amanda LMS2995 won the case.
- Barry Ferguson, June 2018.

Kaitlin Green is patient, stRategic, and just all-round great.

I highly recommend Tim and his team. Kaitlin Green is patient, strategic, and just all-round great. She has an awesome ability to sift through all the noise and stay focused. Their attention to trying to keep bills controlled is a trait that all law firms should aspire to. 
- Naim Abou-Khazaal, July 2018.

I was injured in a bicycle accident following a collision with a vehicle.

After failing to reach a settlement on my own with ICBC, I began to seek out legal help. After talking to several firms by phone, it did not look promising until I got in touch with Pettit and Company. I was invited to visit their office and present to them, records from the scene of the accident. After reviewing the details, Tim assured me that I had good grounds to pursue a better settlement. He and his team crafted a well written proposal which effectively places the totality of fault on the vehicle's driver. After further negotiations, a new settlement followed - one which was more proportional to the facts. I will certainly keep Tim and his team in mind, should I ever require their assistance again.
- Lance Guberina, September 2017.

Excellent advice and the personal attention...

...that is so needed in challenging times. Our thanks Tim and Team!
- Sue Des Lauriers, September 2017.

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