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Jan 30, 2017

Pettit and Company is proud to announce that we have recently started to practice family law in the North shore area of the Lower Mainland.

While most people consider seeking civil litigation for separation and divorce issues, a family lawyer can be helpful at all stages of a relationship, from pre-marriage to post-divorce. For example, our North Vancouver lawyers can negotiate and draft a cohabitation or marriage agreement (“pre-nup”) that is tailored to you and your relationship, protects your interests and clarifies the expectations of both parties.

In the case of separation or divorce, Pettit & Company can provide mediation and advice, and advocate for your rights. Our legal team can assist in drafting documents for settlements outside of court, such as a settlement agreement or desk order divorce order. If a negotiated settlement can not be reached outside of court, we will utilize our decades of court experience to represent your interests and rights, and skillfully negotiate on your behalf.

Pettit & Company will be your advocate throughout the process. Whether it is settled out of court, or through civil litigation, our team of family lawyers is dedicated to obtaining the most cost-effective, fair resolution.

It’s never too early to talk to a legal professional to ensure you know your rights and obligations. Get in touch with our North Vancouver lawyers today to schedule your consultation.

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