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How Likely Is A Car Accident?

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Nov 15, 2017

Most people drive every day and many have witnessed or been involved in car accidents, but how common are they? Crashes reported to ICBC have been steadily rising since 2013, with the largest increases in the lower mainland. In 2015, British Columbia had 300,000 car crashes reported, averaging at 822 per day. The lower mainland attributed for over 66% of those accidents. Reported crashes range from a fender bender to multiple fatalities, so distinction between the two is key. Thankfully, ICBC collects extremely detailed statistics on many different aspects of a car accident –who was involved, where it happened and most importantly, why.

Who is most likely to get into an accident?

Of the 300,000 car accidents that occurred in British Columbia in 2015, 275 involved fatalities. As a driver, the majority of fatalities were men. As a passanger, more women. Beyond vehicular fatalities, 9 cyclists, 32 motorcyclists and 39 pedestrians lost their lives. Among all fatalities, the majority of people were aged between 26 – 65 and 75 +.

Where am I most likely to get into an accident?

The chart below from ICBC shows a list of the most dangerous intersections of 2015.

What are the most likely contributing factors of an accident?

The data below provided by ICBC shows the likelihood of speed, impairment and distraction being a factor in a car accident.

If you are wondering what areas of the lower mainland are at a high risk for car accidents and which areas are a low risk, ICBC provides a map of car crashes and a map of crashes involving cyclists. Additional information on statistics of car crashes in British Columbia can be found here. If you have been involved in a car accident and wish to pursue legal action, Pettit and Company can help.

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