Human Rights Law

Ensuring there is no place for discrimination
Whether you are an individual who feels you have been discriminated against or a person or business who has been subjected to a human rights complaint, Pettit and Company can assist.

For victims of discrimination, such an event can have not only a financial impact on your life, but a psychological one as well.  Discrimination can come in a variety of forms including being related to a disability, one’s gender or gender identity, a person’s ethnicity or family status.  Pettit and Company has the sensitivity to assist you with your human rights discrimination matter including employment, housing and tenancy issues, and discrimination from business or service providers. 

Having a human rights complaint made against you can also be devastating and have long-lasting impacts on the health of you as well as your business.  Pettit and Company can assist defend you against such claims as well as proactively help draft policies and procedures to avoid complaints in the future.

As a firm, we work collaboratively in order to provide our clients with that which they deserve – superior legal services at reasonable rates.  At Pettit and Company, we are committed to legal excellence -- you pay for our experience and expertise, not our real estate.

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